• Limelight

      The engine that drives most of the Japanese parsing on NihongoDera. Breaks up Japanese text into individual words, finds their dictionary forms, and creates romaji, kana, and furigana.

    • JpnForPhp

      A great library for working with Japanese in PHP. Converts kana to romaji, breaks apart Japanese text into words, converts between Japanese and Western dates, and finds verb inflections.

    • php-mecab

      MeCab bindings for PHP built as a PHP extension. Blazing fast and used here on the site. Limelight, listed above, is essentially a wrapper around php-mecab.

  • Ruby

    • Ve

      Japanese language parser. Splits text into individual words and converts them to romaji and kana. Also has a Javascript interface. Works for English too.

  • Javascript

    • KanjivgAnimate

      A small Javascript module for animating kanji drawing using data from the KanjiVG (listed below).

  • MySQL

  • General