MPEG-4 AVC録画の実力テスト:使いやすさはもとより、画質・音質の実力も高い。

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MPEG - 4 AVC 録画 実力 テスト 使い やすさ もとより 画質 音質 実力 高い

English Translation

MPEC-4 AVC recording practical test: It was always easy to use, now the picture and sound quality is high too.




Mpeg - 4 AVC rokuga no jitsuryoku tesuto tsukai yasusa wa motoyori, gashitsu onshitsu no jitsuryoku mo takai.


録画 (ろくが)
(video) recording
indicates possessive; nominalizes verbs and adjectives; substitutes for "ga" in subordinate phrases; (at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion; (at sentence-end) indicates emotional emphasis; (at sentence-end, rising tone) indicates question
実力 (じつりょく)
(real) ability; true strength; merit; efficiency; competency; arms; force
テスト (テスト)
使う (つかう)
to use (a thing, method, etc.); to make use of; to put to use; to use (a person, animal, puppet, etc.); to employ; to handle; to manage; to manipulate; to use (time, money, etc.); to spend; to consume; to use (language); to speak
易い (やすい)
easy; likely to ..., have a tendency to ...; easy to ...
topic marker particle; indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated); adds emphasis
元より (もとより)
from the beginning; from the first; all along; originally; of course
画質 (がしつ)
image quality (film, video, etc.)
middle dot (typographical symbol used between parallel terms, names in katakana, etc.); full-stop mark at mid-character height; interpoint (interword separation)
音質 (おんしつ)
tone quality; sound quality
too; also; in addition; as well; (not) either (in a negative sentence); both A and B; A as well as B; neither A nor B (in a negative sentence); even; as much as; as many as; as far as; as long as; no less than; no fewer than; even if; even though; although; in spite of; further; more; again; another; the other
高い (たかい)
high; tall; expensive


Readings: ロク、 しる.す、 と.る
Meaning: record
Readings: ガ、 カク、 エ、 カイ、 えが.く、 かく.する、 かぎ.る、 はかりごと、 はか.る
Meanings: brush-stroke, picture
Readings: ジツ、 シツ、 み、 みの.る、 まこと、 みの、 みち.る
Meanings: reality, truth
Readings: リョク、 リキ、 リイ、 ちから
Meanings: power, strength, strong, strain, bear up, exert
Readings: シ、 つか.う、 つか.い、 -つか.い、 -づか.い
Meanings: use, send on a mission, order, messenger, envoy, ambassador, cause
Readings: シツ、 シチ、 チ、 たち、 ただ.す、 もと、 わりふ
Meanings: substance, quality, matter, temperament
Readings: オン、 イン、 -ノン、 おと、 ね
Meanings: sound, noise
Readings: コウ、 たか.い、 たか、 -だか、 たか.まる、 たか.める
Meanings: tall, high, expensive