Kana: オン、イン、-ノン、おと、ね
Romaji: on, in, -non, oto, ne

Name Readings

Kana: お、と
Romaji: o, to


sound, noise

Stroke Diagram


Kanji Info

Stroke Count:  9
Radical Number:  180
Frequency:  491
Grade:  1
Skip Pattern:  2-2-7
Korean Reading:  eum
Chinese Reading:  yin1
Unicode:  97f3
JIS:  323B


Halpern Index: 2070
Nelson Index: 5110
New Nelson Index: 6607
Spahn Hadamitzky Index: 5b4.3
Four Corner Index: 0060.1
Guide to Remembering Index: 6
Gakken Index: 402
Japanese Names Index: 962
Daikanwanjiten Index: 43265
Daikanwanjiten Index and Page: 12.0219
Remembering the kanji Index: 479
Busy People Index: 3.18
Kanji Flashcards Index: 274
Kodansha Compact Index: 1879
Read Writing Kanji Third Index: 33
Kanji in Context Index: 620
1999 Kanji Learners Index: 1312
2013 Kanji Learners Index: 1783
French Remembering the Kanji Index: 490
Remembering the Kanji 6th Index: 518
Essential Kanji Index: 206
Kodansha Kanji Index: 2570
Roo 2001 Kanji Index: 478
Read Writing the Kanji Index: 50
Tuttle Kanji Cards Index: 78


sound; noise; report; note; fame; Chinese-derived character reading
音声 (おんせい、おんじょう)
voice; (the concept of) sound
音源 (おんげん)
sound source; sound generator; tone generator
音楽家 (おんがくか、おんがっか)
音頭 (おんど)
leading a group of people; someone who leads others into a song by singing the leading notes; workmen's songs; marching songs
音楽 (おんがく)
music; musical movement
音響 (おんきょう)
sound; noise; echo; acoustics
観音 (かんのん)
Kannon; Kwannon; Goddess of Mercy; Guan Yin; Avalokitesvara; bodhisattva of mercy
初音 (はつね)
first warbling heard in a New Year
音色 (ねいろ、おんしょく)
tone color; tone colour; tone quality; timbre; synthesizer patch; synthesiser patch
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