Kana: セイ、ショウ、かえり.みる、はぶ.く
Romaji: sei, shō, kaeri.miru, habu.ku

Name Readings

Kana: さとし、み
Romaji: satoshi, mi


focus, government ministry, conserve

Stroke Diagram


Kanji Info

Stroke Count:  9
Radical Number:  4
Frequency:  548
Grade:  4
Skip Pattern:  2-4-5
Korean Reading:  saeng
Chinese Reading:  xing3
Unicode:  7701
JIS:  3E4A


Halpern Index: 2449
Nelson Index: 218
New Nelson Index: 3916
Spahn Hadamitzky Index: 5c4.7
Four Corner Index: 9060.2
Guide to Remembering Index: 516
Gakken Index: 245
Japanese Names Index: 1013
Daikanwanjiten Index: 23179
Daikanwanjiten Index and Page: 8.0183
Remembering the kanji Index: 124
Kanji Flashcards Index: 760
Kodansha Compact Index: 1382
Read Writing Kanji Third Index: 546
Kanji in Context Index: 389
1999 Kanji Learners Index: 1583
2013 Kanji Learners Index: 2164
French Remembering the Kanji Index: 125
Remembering the Kanji 6th Index: 131
Essential Kanji Index: 408
Kodansha Kanji Index: 3100
Roo 2001 Kanji Index: 1179
Read Writing the Kanji Index: 640
Tuttle Kanji Cards Index: 528


ministry; department; province (of China); saving; conserving
外務省 (がいむしょう)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
労働省 (ろうどうしょう)
Ministry of Labour (now Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
反省 (はんせい)
reflection; reconsideration; introspection; meditation; contemplation; regret; repentance; remorse; being sorry
環境省 (かんきょうしょう)
Ministry of the Environment
省略 (しょうりゃく)
omission; abbreviation; abridgment; abridgement
文部省 (もんぶしょう)
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
内務省 (ないむしょう)
Ministry of Home Affairs (Japan); Home Ministry; Department of the Interior (US, etc.); Home Office (UK)
大蔵省 (おおくらしょう)
(former) Ministry of Finance (succeeded by zaimushou in 2000)
郵政省 (ゆうせいしょう)
(former) Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (now Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
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