Kana: エキ、ヤク、ま.す
Romaji: eki, yaku,

Name Readings

Kana: まし、ます
Romaji: mashi, masu


benefit, gain, profit, advantage

Stroke Diagram


Kanji Info

Stroke Count:  10
Radical Number:  12
Frequency:  674
Grade:  5
Skip Pattern:  2-3-7
Korean Reading:  ig
Chinese Reading:  yi4
Unicode:  76ca
JIS:  3157


Halpern Index: 2285
Nelson Index: 597
New Nelson Index: 3891
Spahn Hadamitzky Index: 2o8.5
Four Corner Index: 8010.7
Guide to Remembering Index: 619
Gakken Index: 825
Japanese Names Index: 1201
Daikanwanjiten Index: 22972P
Daikanwanjiten Index and Page: 8.0111
Remembering the kanji Index: 1881
Kanji Flashcards Index: 1553
Kodansha Compact Index: 1370
Read Writing Kanji Third Index: 648
Kanji in Context Index: 921
1999 Kanji Learners Index: 1468
2013 Kanji Learners Index: 1978
French Remembering the Kanji Index: 1899
Remembering the Kanji 6th Index: 2026
Essential Kanji Index: 631
Kodansha Kanji Index: 2849
Roo 2001 Kanji Index: 974
Read Writing the Kanji Index: 742
Tuttle Kanji Cards Index: 707


benefit; use; good; advantage; gain; profit; gains
利益 (りえき、りやく)
profit; gains; benefit; advantage; interest (of the public, etc.); grace (of God, Buddha, etc.) (esp. as attained through rightful actions, prayer, adherence to one's faith, etc.); blessing; miracle
収益 (しゅうえき)
earnings; proceeds; returns; revenue
有益 (ゆうえき)
beneficial; profitable
国益 (こくえき)
national interest
益々 (ますます)
increasingly; more and more; decreasingly (when declining); less and less
公益 (こうえき)
public interest; public benefit; public good
権益 (けんえき)
(one's) interests
不利益 (ふりえき)
disadvantage; handicap; drawback; inadvisability; inexpediency
損益 (そんえき)
profit and loss; advantage and disadvantage
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