Kana: ソウ、ソ、おも.う
Romaji: sou, so, omo.u


concept, think, idea, thought

Stroke Diagram


Kanji Info

Stroke Count:  13
Radical Number:  61
Frequency:  381
Grade:  3
Skip Pattern:  2-9-4
Korean Reading:  sang
Chinese Reading:  xiang3
Unicode:  60f3
JIS:  415B


Halpern Index: 2828
Nelson Index: 1728
New Nelson Index: 1922
Spahn Hadamitzky Index: 4k9.18
Four Corner Index: 4633.0
Guide to Remembering Index: 532
Gakken Index: 352
Daikanwanjiten Index: 10858
Daikanwanjiten Index and Page: 4.1102
Remembering the kanji Index: 609
Kanji Way Index: 197
Kanji Flashcards Index: 544
Kodansha Compact Index: 796
Read Writing Kanji Third Index: 350
Kanji in Context Index: 392
1999 Kanji Learners Index: 1810
2013 Kanji Learners Index: 2462
French Remembering the Kanji Index: 616
Remembering the Kanji 6th Index: 656
Essential Kanji Index: 324
Kodansha Kanji Index: 3507
Roo 2001 Kanji Index: 1858
Read Writing the Kanji Index: 660
Tuttle Kanji Cards Index: 421


conception; idea; thought; samjna (perception)
構想 (こうそう)
plan; plot; idea; conception
思い (おもい)
thought; imagination; mind; heart; desire; wish; hope; expectation; love; affection; feelings; emotion; sentiment; experience
回想 (かいそう)
reflection; reminiscence
幻想 (げんそう)
思想 (しそう)
thought; idea; ideology
予想 (よそう)
expectation; anticipation; prediction; forecast; conjecture
想定 (そうてい)
hypothesis; supposition; assumption
理想 (りそう)
ideal; ideals
妄想 (もうそう、ぼうそう)
wild idea; delusion
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