Kana: ア、オ、おもね.る、くま
Romaji: a, o,, kuma

Name Readings

Kana: ほとり、あず、あわ、おか、きた、な
Romaji: hotori, azu, awa, oka, kita, na


Africa, flatter, fawn upon, corner, nook, recess

Stroke Diagram


Kanji Info

Stroke Count:  8
Radical Number:  170
Frequency:  1126
Grade:  9
Skip Pattern:  1-3-5
Korean Reading:  og
Chinese Reading:  a4
Unicode:  963f
JIS:  3024


Halpern Index: 346
Nelson Index: 4985
New Nelson Index: 6435
Spahn Hadamitzky Index: 2d5.6
Four Corner Index: 7122.0
Gakken Index: 1515
Japanese Names Index: 569
Daikanwanjiten Index: 41599
Daikanwanjiten Index and Page: 11.0798
Remembering the kanji Index: 1295
1999 Kanji Learners Index: 256
2013 Kanji Learners Index: 305
French Remembering the Kanji Index: 1304
Remembering the Kanji 6th Index: 1391
Kodansha Kanji Index: 408


corner; nook; recess; a shadow; a shade
阿修羅 (あしゅら)
Asura (fighting demon)
阿弥陀如来 (あみだにょらい)
Amitabha Tathagata; Amithaba
阿弥陀堂 (あみだどう)
temple hall containing an enshrined image of Amitabha
阿呆 (あほう、あほ、アホ)
fool; simpleton; idiot
阿る (おもねる)
to flatter
阿弥陀 (あみだ)
Amitabha; ghostleg lottery; ladder lottery; lottery in which participants trace a line across a lattice pattern to determine the winner; wearing a hat pushed back on one's head
阿片 (あへん、アヘン)
阿闍梨 (あじゃり、あざり)
high monk (esp. one of correct conduct who acts as a role model for his pupils); high priest; initiate (esp. as a formal rank in Tendai and Shingon); monk who conducts religious services
阿吽 (あうん、アウン)
Om; Aun; syllable representing the primordial trinity of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma; inspiration and expiration; respiration; alpha and omega
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